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Scentsy Warmers

Selecting Warmers

Lighted Glass Warmers

Lighted Ceramic Warmers

Lighted Metal Warmers

Element Warmers

Mini Warmers

Final Points

Scentsy Warmer Wax Dish Information

What's That Number Mean?

Have you ever wondered what that number stamped on many of your Scentsy wax dishes mean? Officially, it's the recommended number of cubes intended for that dish to fill your space with the most fragrance, but it's also the maximum number of cubes your wax dish can hold without having a "waxident" (wax accident).

Removing Wax From Warmers

For Melted Wax

BONUS — Used Cotton Cleanups make great fire starters! 

For Softened Wax

For Hardened Wax

Removing Stains From Warmer Dish


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