What We Use: Warmers

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What We Use + Recommendations

All Scentsy warmers are of great quality, with each one recommended for certain features, but some stand out as having perfect overall craftsmanship, not just in appearance but also in performance. The Top Rated Warmer designation seen on this page is based on our very critical rating of such warmers and is intended to serve as a recommendation.

NOTE: This is the list of warmers we use in our home, or collect. Some of these warmers are currently available, but many are discontinued. If you're interested in any of these warmers, click or tap the warmer photo, or search our Scentsy store for the specific warmer. If you would like to inquire about a specific warmer, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to assist you.

Everyday Warmers

Zebra Safari

Feed your wild side with striking zebra stripes. Turn the warmer on to illuminate another layer of design behind the frosted glass. 20 watts.

Ocean Ombre

Waves of changing color ripple across the metallic surface of this blown-glass warmer. 20 watts.

Blue Twirl

Colored glass beads are swirled into this design to create a uniquely artistic pattern. 25 watts.

Classic Curve - Satin Black

The Classic Curve Warmer is one of our original product designs, and even went on to inspire our iconic clamshell Scentsy Bar packaging. It’s a simple, elegant shape, and now that we’ve added several beautiful color options (each neutral and available at a great price), you’ll want one for every room! 25 watts.

Crush - Diamond

Crushed, silver-plated glass adds brilliance to a timeless mosaic pattern. To create the look, the warmer body is rolled onto a sheet of broken glass, ensuring no two patterns are exactly alike. 20 watts.

Summer Rain

A unique texture gives the impression of a rain effect, while a beautiful iridescent shine radiates like a rainbow after a storm. 25 watts.


True to its name, this warmer features pieces of mirrored glass that have been flame-treated and literally charred to smoky-black perfection for dazzling, light-to-dark striations. 20 watts.

Flaunt Your Feathers

You’ll want to show this one off! Mosaic glass is hand-placed to create the dazzling, peacock-inspired design, which displays an incredible light effect on nearby surfaces. 25 watts.

Crystal Ice

An organic shape and prismatic, crystalline finish make for a bold statement piece like no other. 40 watts.

Time To Reflect

Mosaic gets extra magical with aged, mirrored tile that combines an antique look with plenty of shine. 25 watts.

Blue Agate

Warmer of the Month: February 2022

Patterned after the soothing stone, Blue Agate gives off an all-natural vibe and a whole lot of Zen. Available as a warmer and mini warmer. 25 watts.

Gold Crush Lampshade

Go opulent with a glistening mosaic of gold-toned glass designed to cast dazzling waves of warm, speckled light. 25 watts.

Zen Rock

Inspired by tranquil spa rocks, Zen Rock combines sleek modern design with the soothing, organic tones of nature. Element.

Crowned In Gold

This shiny mini warmer takes geometric glass to new heights with an unexpected gold accent as the crowning touch. 15 watts.

Light From Within

Inspired by our Light From Within Warmer, this metal mini warmer lives up to its name with a brilliant shine. 15 watts.

NOTE: All Scentsy warmers are of great quality, with each one recommended for certain features, but some stand out as having perfect overall craftsmanship, not just in appearance but also in performance. The Top Rated Warmer designation is based on our very critical rating of such warmers and is intended to serve as a recommendation.

Scentsational Start Shooting Star Award

Scentsy sent us this Scentsational Start Award Warmer for reaching a level of sales within our first 70 days, that fewer than 15% of consultants achieve. In addition to this Scentsational Start Award Warmer, Scentsy also sent certificates of achievement, lapel pins, and $125 in product credit. This achievment, award, and recognition that came with it, could not have been earned without you—our valued customer.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Halloween & Autumn Warmers


Warmer of the Month: September 2017

Lights down low, see Jack Glow! With his menacing grin and fierce glow, Jack will settle for nothing less than center stage in your Halloween production. 15 watts.

Hocus Pocus

Warmer of the Month: September 2016

Brew up some Halloween lore of your own with Hocus Pocus! The intricate, hand-wound wire construction of the tree and web adds spooky-cool craftsmanship to this spellbinding scene. Element.

Under My Spell

Read 'em and shriek! Conjure spooky Halloween vibes with this wizard-worthy stack of spell books. 25 watts.

Very Superstitious

You’ll dare to cross paths with this charming black cat. Skeletal cutouts illuminate when lit, upping the spook factor. 40 watts.

Countdown To Halloween

Warmer of the Month: September 2022

Build excitement for the spookiest night of the year with this charming monster. Includes a small bat-shaped magnet to mark the date. Element.

Fall Fairy Tale Pumpkin

Mirrored mercury glass and a dreamy twinkle sets this piece apart from the rest of the patch. 20 watts.

Haunting Good Time

Warmer of the Month: September 2021

Up for a good fright? Fun is lurking in the shadows of this haunted house. Just lift the roof to warm your favorite fragrance! 25 watts.

Paranormal Pumpkin

This perfectly carved pumpkin will haunt your dreams in the best possible way. Turn it on for an eerie glow that will last long after the trick-or-treaters have gone to bed. 25 watts.

Tiger's Eye Pumpkin

Warmer of the Month: October 2022

The most mystical pumpkin in the patch, this hand-blown glass warmer radiates a warm, cozy glow — with an edge. Removable decorative lid gives that just-picked feel. 25 watts.

Under Wraps (Full Size)

Warmer of the Month: September 2020

With his big green eyes and toothy grin, this little mummy is so cute it’s scary. 25 watts.

Under Wraps (Mini)

Warmer of the Month: September 2020

This little guy takes after his mummy. 15 watts.

Cut It Out (Mini)

This classic jack-o’-lantern is all of the fun, and none of the work! 15 watts.

Christmas & Winter Warmers

All Through The Night - 2022 Limited Edition Holiday Warmer

Santa and his reindeer cross the sky on a peaceful Christmas Eve, silhouetted against intricate layers of laser-cut wood in a picture-perfect scene. Aglow with LED lights and the magic of the season, it’s the white Christmas you dream about.

This limited edition, numbered, collectible Scentsy Warmer offers peace and joy all through the night — and a Christmas treasure for years to come. Includes matching Christmas ornament that lights up! Element.

Nature's Wonders

Warmer of the Month: December 2021

A serene wildlife landscape is captured in gold-toned metal. Turn the warmer on and light shines behind the trees, casting shadows on the frosted glass and illuminating a family of deer. 25 watts.

Christmas Glow

Warmer of the Month: November 2017

Go for the glitz this holiday season with the spectacular Christmas Glow! When lit, this ornament-inspired design casts intricate patterns of light across any surface. Generously sized for extra festive fun! 25 watts.

Polar Panorama

Warmer of the Month: December 2020

Enjoy the northern lights from anywhere! In an homage to nature’s greatest light show, rotating LED lights create a mesmerizing aurora borealis effect above the tree line. As in nature, this dazzling display is best visible in a darker environment. Element.

Kickoff To Christmas

Count down the days to Christmas with the help of this adorable snowman. Includes two numbered cubes to mark the days, plus vents so you can warm wax with the lid on. Element.

Sparkling Snowman

With his silver snow gear and delicate snowflakes that emit a warm glow when lit, this sparkling snowman makes the jolliest addition to your holiday display. Element.

Snow Day

Don't leave this cute snowman out in the cold – if you make him part of your décor, he promises to only melt wax. 25 watts.

Christmas Santa Claus

Look who’s coming to town, Santa Claus! This jolly warmer is sure to be appreciated by Christmas fans of all ages. 25 watts.

Holiday Lights

Bring the cheer and anticipation of the season home with Holiday Lights, a homey warmer spangled with old-fashioned Christmas bulbs. Each light glows from within when the warmer is lit, contrasting with the deep-red finish. 25 watts.

Holiday Lights (Mini)

Count down the days to Christmas with the help of this adorable snowman. Includes two numbered cubes to mark the days, plus vents so you can warm wax with the lid on. Element. 15 watts.

Pine For Plaid (Mini)

Frosted glass embellished with a plaid pine tree is a rustic spin on tradition. 15 watts.

Catching Snowflakes (Mini)

A festive flurry of snowflakes casts dazzling patterns onto nearby surfaces when this mini warmer is lit. 15 watts.

Gingerbread Man (Mini)

Laid-back and full of love, this little guy is ready to spread some holiday cheer from the comfort of his merry mug. 15 watts.

Licensed Warmers

Disney: Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Cinderella Castle

Our new Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration: Cinderella Castle – Scentsy Warmer is a stunning collector’s item in honor of The World’s Most Magical Celebration. Representing the royal makeover it received as part of the Walt Disney World® Resort 50th Anniversary celebration festivities, Cinderella Castle is all dressed up in shimmering, EARidescent colors and dazzling decorations, complete with the 50th anniversary crest. The beveled glass wax dish is also etched with the 50th anniversary emblem. 20 watts.

Disney: Villains

Disney: Villains - All the Rage

Disney: The Haunted Mansion

Disney: The Little Mermaid

Christmas With Disney

Disney & Pixar: UP!

DC Comics: Batman

Jack Skellington: Pumpkin King

Oogie Boogie's Casino

Jack Skellington: Pumpkin King Mini Warmer

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Lock, Shock, and Barrel Mini Warmer

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