Featured Scentsy Warmers + Wax

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Introduction to Scentsy Warmers + Wax

Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy Warmers safely melts Scentsy Bars using a low-watt light bulb or heating element to scent your space without flame, smoke or soot. 

Warmer Types

Warmer Finishes

Scentsy Bars

Scentsy uses a custom wax that has a low melting point — lower than other wax brands or traditional candles — which allows Scentsy Bars to contain more fragrance oils and melt quicker to release fragrance sooner than any competitor.

Scentsy Warmers

New Warmers — Spring & Summer 2024

Etched Hummingbird

An intricate laser-cut pattern depicts a graceful hummingbird mid-flight. Notches in the pure white porcelain cast light on nearby surfaces.

Lemon Grove

Find your zest for life with this pitcher full of charm. An antique finish makes the crackle glaze pop with personality.

But First, Coffee

Can’t start your day without coffee? Brew up the perfect cup of fragrance in this rustic mug-shaped warmer.

Sea Star

Like a treasure from the shore with a serene seaside vibe. A ceramic starfish affixed with a decorative jute rope perfectly complements this warmer’s rope-like texture.

Fish in the Sea

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but this mini warmer is the perfect catch. An ocean of hand-placed glass fish cast beautiful light on nearby surfaces.

Sunset Sands

Turn up the drama with shimmering handblown art glass. Layers of glass, including a striking swath of gold, are added by hand, making each beautiful warmer one of a kind.

DID YOU KNOW: Scentsy works with artisans around the world to bring authentic and innovative warmer designs to match any home décor.


Rediscover wonder. Stargaze comes alive with a brilliant burst of light and color , giving you a front-row seat to a dazzling show.

Pairs perfectly with Stargaze full-size Warmer and Diffuser.

Welcome to Our Nest

A sweet warmer with an even sweeter sentiment is topped off with a cute little bird’s nest in the dish.

Cute as a Button

How does your garden glow? A trendy mushroom with a unique, handmade mosaic pattern shines dappled light on nearby surfaces when lit.

Just a Smackerel of Hunny

Isn’t it funny how a bear likes honey? This endearing warmer is overflowing with pure joy, and you can’t help but love it as much as Disney’s Winnie the Pooh loves honey.


A sanded finish over delicate cherry blossoms diffuses light into a soothing glow.

From March 1 to Aug. 31, 2024, Scentsy will donate $9.50 from the sale of each Blossom Warmer to the Scentsy Family Foundation to provide support to survivors of domestic violence.

DID YOU KNOW: We believe in contributing more than we take. Through our giving efforts, including our charitable cause program, we’ve donated more than $17.2 million (USD) to global and local charities, and volunteered thousands of hours to serve causes around the world. In this spirit of Generosity, we offer a product with a purpose every catalog season. 

More Featured Scentsy Warmers


The perfect introduction to the Scentsy fragrance experience. This modest warmer is all function without any fuss and is sleek enough for any space.

Available in Black, Sage, and Taupe.


More than 5,000 pin holes create this intricate Moroccan-style design, while a decorative handle adds an extra touch of personality.

Shining Light

Architectural design meets dazzling beauty in this modern warmer, reminiscent of a mission-style lantern.


Made from 100% recycled glass in Mexico, each Verve Warmer is handblown and unique in its own way — from the colors of the glass to the bead shapes within it. 

Featured Home Decor Style  — Country at Heart

Whether you live in the country or just reside there in spirit, you dream of wide-open spaces and the peace that comes with quiet mornings and starry nights. Fill your home with that joy.


Like a finely tooled pair of well-worn boots, Rodeo brings your frontier dreams to life with authentic detail and an untamed soul.

Open Plains

Go West! Even if it’s just at heart with this impossible-to-ignore statement piece, reminiscent of wide open spaces and a rebellious soul.

Rustic Ranch

Faux, double-twisted barbed wire encircles an old-fashioned hurricane lamp with a wrought iron base — perfect after a long day working on the open range.

Country Living

A galvanized steel barn with rust-like detailing and a stamped barn door give you that country-living feel and create farmhouse-inspired warmth. Please note: Doors and windows do not open.

Warmer Accessories

Cotton Cleanup

The easiest and quickest way to clean melted wax out of your warmers! In seconds, one Cotton Cleanup will absorb about 3 cubes of melted wax—from one warmer or several.

Light Bulbs

Don't forget to add spare warmer light bulbs to your order. Incandescent light bulbs, especially in the proper wattage, has become difficult to find in stores.

Warmer Stands

Cord-Concealing Warmer Stands showcase warmers while keeping any unused portion of the cord hidden.

Mini Tabletop Bases

Display your favorite ceramic or metal Scentsy Mini Warmers on any flat surface! Perfect for freshening up smaller spaces, like bookshelves or bedrooms.

80+ Scentsy Warmers are available today. Be sure to browse the full selection of warmers available this season.

Scentsy Bars

New Fragrances — Spring & Summer 2024



Sunny coconut brightens up tropical pistachio and sweet almond, evoking memories of the beach.

DID YOU KNOW: Scentsy uses a custom wax that has a low melting point — lower than other wax brands or traditional candles — which allows Scentsy Bars to contain more fragrance oils and melt quicker to release fragrance sooner than any competitor.

Bamboo & Rainfall

An exhilarating rainfall pours down over fresh bamboo and bright melon water in a tranquil moment.

Berry Sweet

Fresh blueberries and red strawberries coated in a sweet candy glaze are as sweet as can be.

Cake Me to Paradise

Sweet cake infused with juicy orange and island rum will whisk you away to paradise.

Evening Sky

Light up the night with soft bergamot and rich Madagascar vanilla paving the way for midnight lily.

Very Vanilla

This classic blend of creamy vanilla and tonka bean is smooth and sultry.

DID YOU KNOW: Each Scentsy fragrance is composed of 30 to 60 ingredients for a unique, layered experience. Top notes is the first impression; Mid notes is the heart of the fragrance; Base notes are the longest-lasting notes and what you smell hours later.

Moon Orchid

Bright bergamot illuminates a path lined with beautiful night blooming jasmine and vanilla orchid.

Pinkberry Sandalwood

Pinkberry and fresh cherry add a sweet pop to tonka bean and sandalwood.

Sippin' Poolside

Sit back and relax with fresh pear and sparkling citrus alongside tranquil aquatic accord.

Wild Cherry & Sakura

Wild cherry accents the delicate beauty of Sakura blossom and pink jasmine.

Returning Fragrances


Our Sniff & Review Of All 10 New Spring & Summer Scentsy Bar Fragrances

Our sniff session and review of all the 10 new Scentsy Bar fragrances (listed above) for the spring and summer 2024 catalog season. Video coming soon.

We give star-ratings to every Scentsy Bar & Scentsy Oil fragrance we have sniffed. You can use this chart to make informed decisions when shopping for fragrance, or see how our ratings compare to your own ratings.