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Welcome, Scentsy Friends

Our Scentsy history began in January 2017, when we got our first two warmers and handful of Scentsy Bars from a party my cousin hosted.

We admired the quality of Scentsy's products, but continued to shop local stores for wax since our noses could preview the scents and it didn’t require waiting for deliveries. After trying many different brands, we kept coming back to Scentsy, because we were always the most pleased with their products.

February 2022, we became consultants because we wanted to start a small business, as well as our love for and history with Scentsy, would allow us to assist our customers well—it all made "scents" to make Scentsy our business.

With that, we welcome you, we're here to help and offer suggestions if needed, and hope these fabulous Scentsy products and services brings you as much joy as they have brought us over the years. Happy scenting, y'all!

— Eric Garringer & Christopher Day

Introduction to Scent & Warmer of the Month

Scent of the Month

Scent of the Month is a monthly special offered by Scentsy and available for a limited time, but depending on how popular the scent ends up being, Scentsy may re-release it as a future catalog scent. Each month features a previously unreleased fragrance.

Product Types

Warmer of the Month

Warmer of the Month is a monthly special offered by Scentsy and available for a limited time and rarely returns as a regular price item. However, overstock from the original production may appear in the Clearance section later in the future. Each month features a previously unreleased Warmer.

Product Types

Scent & Warmer of the Month

March 2024

Cotton Candy Tails

Wild strawberry hops into a fluffy fantasy of creamy caramel and sweet spun sugar.

Happy Hare

A warmer with light-hearted simplicity — this playfully posed bunny eagerly waits for Easter goodies.

Our Scent & Warmer of the Month Sniffs & Reviews

Our sniffs and reviews of various Scent of the Month fragrances, with occasional Warmer of the Month reviews.

Scent & Warmer of the Month Archive


March 2024

Cotton Candy Tails

Wild strawberry hops into a fluffy fantasy of creamy caramel and sweet spun sugar.

Happy Hare

A warmer with light-hearted simplicity — this playfully posed bunny eagerly waits for Easter goodies.

February 2024

Shamrock Splash

Dive into a happy-go-lucky blend of juicy tangerine and red strawberry with a touch of jasmine blossom.

Lucky Leprechaun

Leave the shenanigans at the door and invite a wee bit of luck inside with this décor piece in a vibrant shade of green!

January 2024

Candy Orchard

A cloud of spun sugar mixes with sweet raspberry and warm vanilla in a candy-coated fantasy.

Sweet Heart

You’ll fall in love with the intricate design on this pretty-in-pink, heart-shaped warmer.

Note: This Warmer sold out before the end of its month. Scentsy offered Flower Garden with a 3-pack of Pink Light Bulbs at a 10% discount as its substitute for the remainder of January.


December 2023

Meet At The Mistletoe

Serene mistletoe and subtle cherry rendezvous amid the coolness of a refreshing forest.

Frosted Night

Texture meets tranquility in this glass warmer. An outer layer of frosted glass beads makes this forest scene glisten. Available as a warmer and mini warmer.

November 2023

Mint To Be Merry

Merriment fills the air when crushed candy cane and sparkling sugar brighten a creamy butter cookie.

Merry Little Christmas

Retro charm shines bright for the holidays! Colored lights add a festive glow to this vintage-inspired warmer.

October 2023

Pumpkin Cashmere

Surround yourself with the captivating combination of warm cinnamon, bountiful pumpkin and cozy cashmere woods.

Starry Pumpkin

This gorgeous gourd sets the mood. Its starry glow, mercury-glass finish and decorative metal wire lid give your décor a touch of simple elegance.

September 2023

Frosted Cinnamon Roll

An irresistible blend of powdered cinnamon and a pinch of sweet clove topped with a gooey layer of whipped vanilla sugar.

Wicked Cute

With dangly cloth legs, this witchy gnome is too cute to spook! A vent in the back of her boo-tiful hat helps release your fragrance of choice.

August 2023

Pink Leather

Wild strawberry topped with rich toasted vanilla adds a lovely sparkle to smooth pink leather.

Mountain Sky

The mountains are calling! This beautiful warmer transports you to a serene mountain getaway, where moonlight shines bright on a cloudless night perfect for stargazing.

July 2023

Tahitian Twilight

A gentle wave of coastal waters brings together flirty passionflower, pineapple and white woods for an evening in paradise.


With a flip of a switch, this warmer transforms into a brilliant kaleidoscope of color. Dim the lights to fully appreciate its playful rainbow.

June 2023

Pacific Mist

Misty ocean air wafts through coastal sea salt and driftwood with a buoyant touch of tropical nectar.

On the Seashore

Hand-placed glass tiles capture the deep turquoise hues and subtle brown accents where the sea meets the sand.

May 2023

Aloha Orchid

A trip to the islands beckons as coconut crème and pineapple water mingle alongside plumeria petals and purple orchid.

Luxe Leaves

Golden fronds wrap around this elegant warmer’s soft glow for a posh, eye-catching accent.

April 2023

Chamomile Petals

Let a medley of chamomile petals, jasmine and apple transport you to a refreshing, sunny afternoon.

Light Your Way

A classic coastal landmark, this metal lighthouse has a hopeful glow, shining the way to your fragrance destination.

March 2023

Strawberry Lemon Cake

Fresh strawberries add a sweet surprise to lemon zest and vanilla buttercream, creating a perfectly delicious confection.

Popular Scent: Re-released as a catalog scent for Spring & Summer 2024.

Hoppy Easter

Bounce into the season with farmhouse style. A bright, hand-carved look brings country charm to your spring décor.

February 2023

Pink Coconut

Ground yourself with the soft scent of sweet raspberry, earthy pink clay, creamy coconut and subtle Tahitian vanilla.

A Twine To Unwind

Bring on the boho to create a serene escape in your own home. Light shines through hand-woven twine creating a beautiful, unique light display.

January 2023

Pineapple Rose

The sweetest golden pineapple plays with zesty Meyer lemon and a soft hint of blush rose.

Disney Drive-In

Wax nostalgic with this fun warmer that puts you right behind the silhouettes of Disney Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck at a classic Disney Drive-In.


December 2022

Cinnamon Pinecones

The warm scent of sparkling pinecones adorns classic fir balsam branches and a classic hint of sweet cinnamon stick.

Popular Scent: Re-released as a catalog scent for Fall & Winter 2023.

Winter Retreat

Escape to a tranquil winter night with this vintage-inspired lantern. Features a peaceful winter scene etched in glass on three sides of the warmer, all illuminated by a warm glow.

November 2022

Sweet Orange & Evergreen

Festive fresh-cut evergreens decked with sweet orange and warm cedarwood invite you to a quintessential winter night.

Sparkling Snowman

With his silver snow gear and delicate snowflakes that emit a warm glow when lit, this sparkling snowman makes the jolliest addition to your holiday display.

October 2022

Warm Pumpkin Drizzle

Warm cloves comfort cozy pumpkin with a drizzle of sweet maple syrup.

Tiger's Eye Pumpkin

The most mystical pumpkin in the patch, this hand-blown glass warmer radiates a warm, cozy glow—with an edge. Removable decorative lid gives that just-picked feel.

September 2022

Gimme Candy

A sweet confection of caramelized sugar, golden honey and sweet buttercream makes for the ultimate sugar rush.

Popular Scent: Re-released as a catalog scent for Fall & Winter 2023.

Countdown To Halloween

Build excitement for the spookiest night of the year with this charming monster. Includes a small bat-shaped magnet to mark the date.

August 2022

Glacier Water

Glacier water rushes into a mountain stream peacefully flowing over bright bergamot, aquatic lavender and driftwood.

Popular Scent: Re-released as a Skincare scent for Fall & Winter 2023.

No Warmer Offered

Scentsy did not offer a Warmer Of The Month for August 2022 due to supply chain issues.

July 2022

Desert Tropics

A bright array of tropical berries, dragon fruit, lush mango and pineapple come alive after a desert rain.

Wild Desert

A trendy and modern design takes desert landscaping to a whole other level. Includes faux succulents and decorative stones, so you can make it your own.

June 2022

Red, White & Berry Pie

A sweet slice of ripened cherry and red raspberry baked with vanilla.

Land Of Liberty

This cute camper is loaded with patriotism and a sense of adventure, making you want to hit the open road and explore the land you love. And it’s even trimmed with a little extra star-spangled spirit.

May 2022

Pink Lemon Water

Rose water infused with refreshing lemon and a spoonful of sugar.

Popular Scent: Re-released as a catalog scent for Spring & Summer 2023.

Bubbled - Iridescent

Pearly iridescence transforms a contoured, organic shape into a major statement that looks ready to pop.

April 2022

Ruby Nectarine

Juicy nectarine and ruby apple blended with pear blossom put a fresh spin on fruity.

Desert Bloom

This sweet little succulent adds a touch of nature to any décor — no green thumb required!

March 2022

Hey, Tiger Lily

Wild tiger lily perks up sugared mandarin and luminous jasmine on a bright and beautiful sunny day.

Gnome For Easter

This kitschy character is looking to sneak his way into your seasonal display. A large vent in the back of the hat helps release your favorite fragrance.

February 2022

Sunburst Bamboo

Lush sunburst bamboo and crisp cucumber under a sheer canopy of peony offer a tranquil escape.

Blue Agate

Patterned after the soothing stone, Blue Agate gives off an all-natural vibe and a whole lot of Zen. Available as a warmer and mini warmer.

January 2022

Sun-Ripened Berry

A refreshing scoop of orange sorbet sprinkled with sun-ripened raspberries and strawberry sugar.

Better Together

Hundreds of heart-shaped speckles, awash in a pink glow, create a sweet, glittering display when this warmer is lit, illustrating how we’re better together.